• When:01/09/2020
  • VQIC: Wing-it (RESPECT)
  • Pax: Cornhole (DOUBLE RESPECT), Poacher (RESPECT), Shocker (RESPECT), Swabbie (RESPECT), Mayberry (RESPECT), Decaf, PA, Cardinal, Ramses, Enron

The Thang

Warmup with Sungods, Danvans, Abe Vigodas and tappy taps. Followed by a 60m sprint and lunge, hillbilly high step and karioka back to the start. Onto the thang

10 cones were arranged around the track, members of the PAX were to grab a coupon and complete

  • 15 block merkins
  • 15 block WWII’s
  • 15 block curls
  • 15 block squats
  • 10 burpees
  • 15 hello Dollys (disrespectful…)
  • 15 thrusters
  • 15 Bobby Hurleys
  • 15 block lateral raises
  • DEATH VALLEYS (suicides the width of the track)
  • Carry block to circle and bear crawl around the circle

Rinse and repeat!!!

Naked Man Moleskine

Wing-it KILLED his VQ!!!! He totally winged it…with his clipboard…and slide rule. Big ups to Washington F3 for coming out and supporting us today!!

Circle of Trust:

Announcements: Workout schedule changes up from here on out as follows;

Tuesday: Rock the Bells

Wednesday: Walking Tall Wednesday with a running option

Thursday: Ruck (Mandatory 1.5 miles. May work in PT as wanted as long as we get in the 1.5-2 miles)

Saturday: Herringbone Beatdown (ANYTHING GOES)

Prayer List: Continue to pray for friends and family suffering through the pandemic. Pray for those getting vaccinated

Q’s O’ the Week

  • Rock The Bells Tuesday 01/05: Cardinal
  • Running/Walking Tall Wednesday 01/06: Poacher
  • Ruckin’ Thursday 01/07: Swabbie
  • Herringbone Beatdown 01/09: Wing-it

Q’s for Next Week

  • Rock The Bells Tuesday 01/12: Shocker
  • Running/Walking Tall Wednesday 01/13: Shocker and Poacher
  • Ruckin’ Thursday 01/14: BLUE
  • Herringbone Beatdown 01/15: Mayberry