• When: 09/15/2020
  • (V)QIC: Mayberry
  • Pax: Blue (DOUBLE RESPECT), Swabby (RESPECT), Shocker (RESPECT), Poacher (RESPECT), Porky (RESPECT), Hermy (RESPECT), Decaf, Pumper, Gomer, Gee-raffe, P.A., Cardinal, Cave Monkey


DANVAN’s (Formerly known as Michael Phelps)

Armcircle thingy’s (Front and Back)

Tappy taps

Stretch what you need to

The Thang

20 Merkins IC

200m Run

15 Burpees

200m Run

20 WWII’s

200m Run

25 Squats

200m Run

20 Dips

400m Run

Bear Crawls (Every 5 bear steps=2 Merkins) Cone to Cone and back again

400m Cool Down Lap

Circle of Trust

Prayer’s: Mindy Raynor Schmiddy’s Family(his Father-in-law)

Announcements: Service project (raised garden beds) still in the works, IP Week 3 next Saturday.  Hats, beanies, shirts and ruckplates are still in the makes, Mayberry says that there is a softball tournament to benefit Mindy Raynor, get with him for the details!