• When:12/31/2020
  • QIC: Schmiddy (RESPECT)
  • Pax:  Cornhole (DOUBLE RESPECT), Shocker (RESPECT), Swabbie (RESPECT), Wing-it (RESPECT), Poacher (RESPECT), Bob Villa (RESPECT), Mayberry (RESPECT), Cardinal, Decaf, Boyardee

The Thang

Solid ruck all over the Ill Will…

Naked Man Moleskine

Great morning. Little active recovery from Tuesday’s death march beatdown. Lot’s of F2 in there!!! Cornhole gets photo creds…

Circle of Trust 

Prayer List: Continue to pray for friends and family suffering through the pandemic. Pray for those getting vaccinated

Q’s O’ the Week

  • Rock The Bells Monday 12/28: Shocker
  • Tuesday Beatdown 12/29: PA
  • Walking Tall Wednesday 12/30: Bob Villa
  • Ruckin’ Thursday 12/31: Schmiddy
  • Herringbone Beatdown 12/26: Poacher