by Jason Manning “F3Shocker” September 1st, 2020

When: 09/01/2020

QIC: Shocker

PAX: Cardinal, Decaff, Pumper, Porky (RESPECT), Mayberry (RESPECT), P.A., Poacher (RESPECT), Schmiddy (RESPECT), Shocker (RESPECT), Bob Villa (RESPECT)

Warmup –

  • Mosey Lap
  • Michael Phelps (10)
  • Sun Gods (15 ea forward and reverse)
  • Chinooks (10 ea. Clockwise and CCW)
  • Tappy Taps (10)
  • Stretch something else OYO

FOUR B’s – Bricks, Bearcrawls, Blocks and Burpees

PAX paired off in true DORA style – one HIM grabbed two bricks and one a solid block. Pair was responsible for completing 100 each Triceps Extensions, Overhead Presses, Curls for Girls and Kettlebell Swings with the block while his partner bear crawled with the bricks stopping every 5 moves for two Merkins or two Big Bois. Once the bear crawler returned to the block they switched until the 400 block exercises were completed.

PAX worked hard and completed the above so we had time for :

Burpee Ladder ! (Mayberry’s favorite!)

PAX lined up on one side of track performed 7 Burpees – ran to other side completed 6 Burpees and repeated until the ladder was completed and the PAX was spent.

Circle of Trust :

Announce-o-rama : Reminder to headlock a guy off the couch for Walking Wednesday. Sign up for open Q slots.

Prayer Requests : Nation and Leaders, those suffering from COVID and us to be the Leaders our Families/Community needs.