• When:02/16/2021
  • QIC: Decaf
  • Pax: BLUE (DOUBLE RESPECT), Poacher (RESPECT), Swabbie (RESPECT), Mayberry (RESPECT),Snap-on, Cardinal, Barney, Jersey cow

The Thang


Mosey 400m

CYCLE ONE (1 minute on/30 seconds active Recovery = Slingshot/15 seconds rest) 

  • Kettlebell Infinity (pass between legs) 
  • Kettlebell Halo (elbows in, bell close to base of neck) 
  • Kettlebell Clean and Press Rt Arm Kettlebell Clean and Press 
  • Left Arm Kettlebell Two Handed Swings – deep 
  • Bleachers – Dips 

CYCLE TWO (1 minute on/30 seconds active Recovery = two hand press overhead/15 seconds rest) 

  • Kettlebell Goblet Squat-3 count down 3 count up DEEP 
  • Kettlebell Swing Two Hands
  • Kettlebell Overhead Squat – Rt Arm (half) Left Arm(half)
  • Kettlebell Overhead Reverse Lunge – Rt Arm (1/2) Left Arm (12) 
  • Kettlebell Side Lunge – Rt Lunge, to Neutral Squat, 
  • Farmers walk 400m

CYCLE THREE (1 minute on/30 seconds active Recovery = alternating hand swings/15 seconds rest) 

  • Kettlebell Half Kneeling Press – Rt Press/Rt Knee down 
  • Kettlebell Half Kneeling Press – Left Press/Left Knee down 
  • Rt Arm Kettlebell Side Swings(across body/knees)
  • Lft Arm Kettlebell Side Swings(across body/knees)
  • Tricep Extensions


Ladder 8 Down – 7 Burpees – 1 two handed swing down to 0

Naked Man Moleskine

A warm morning?!?!?!?! I don’t trust it. Don’t worry, it’ll be 32 tomorrow…seriously. Great morning with the bells!


  • F3 Bible study (Core 52) continues on Monday 02/22. Get your book if you haven’t we are covering week 3!!
  • ENC’s anniversary/convergence is the 20th of Feb (Poacher, Cardinal and Shocker set to attend)
  • Cornerstone Region Launch March 7th 
  • F3 Marco Anniversary March 13th
  • Clown Car to Chowanoke March 20th
  • Camden is kicking off and we would like a few pax to attend their first workout. 
  • Wednesday April 21st 5K run/walk for autism. More info forthcoming.

Q’s O’ the Week

  • Rock The Bells Tuesday 02/16: Decaf
  • Running/Walking Tall Wednesday 02/17: Shocker and Poacher
  • Ruckin’ Thursday 02/18: Schmiddy
  • Herringbone Beatdown 02/20 Schmiddy