• When:12/5/2020
  • QIC: Schmiddy (RESPECT)
  • Pax: Bob Villa (RESPECT), Poacher (RESPECT), Hermie (RESPECT),  Shocker (RESPECT), Mayberry (RESPECT), Swabbie (RESPECT), Wing-It (RESPECT), Blue (DOUBLE RESPECT), P.A., Pumper, Cardinal, Barney, Boyardee 

Warm-O-Rama (The airing of grievances)


  • Sungods
  • Abe Vigodas
  • Tappytaps
  • Stretch what you need to…

BREEZY morning!!! Schmiddy got us warmed up, disclaimer and then on to the beatdown (and what a beatdown it was!!)

The Thang (Feats of strength)

The track was set up so that cones were running laterally in the center. Pax began on the north side of the track and proceeded to;

  • Rifle carry coupon to center of track
  • Drop coupon and 12WWII’s
  • Sprint to south side of the track
  • Drop and give 12 merkins
  • Sprint back to center of track
  • Pick up coupon and rifle carry back to north side of track
  • 12 block Squats

Rinse and repeat laddering reps down until you reach 8 squats, then hit the bleachers for 20 dips and run a 400m for good measure.

Rinse and repeat this whole cycle until time is called (each round is 50 reps of each exercise)

Circle of Trust

Big pat on the back for Schmiddy and all of the Marco F3 pax! The beatdowns have become equally miserable and the COT’s are growing consistently more meaningful!

Prayer List: Continue to pray for friends and family suffering through the pandemic. Cancer patients as well!