• When:02/06/2021
  • QIC: Mayberry (RESPECT)
  • Pax: Shocker (RESPECT),  Poacher (RESPECT), Porky (RESPECT), Bailiff (RESPECT), Swabbie (RESPECT), Schmiddy (RESPECT), Decaf, Snap-on, Cardinal, Brutus, Pole Dancer, 

The Thang

General warmup and mosey to the nature trail. Then work began.

  • 800m run down nature trail
  • 10 burpees
  • 800m run back up nature trail
  • 10 more burpees

Mosey to track

  • 20 merkins
  • Sprint across track
  • 1 WWII
  • Sprint back across track
  • Ladder 20 merkins down and WWII’s up with sprints inbetween
  • Q called audible in interest of time (Q also reminded Cardinal to note that next time these should be 15’s!!)


  • 100m (rest on six)
  • 200m (rest on six)
  • 300m (rest on six)
  • 200 m (rest on six)
  • 100m 

Naked Man Moleskine

Mayberry put it on us!! Over 3 miles of running and plenty of PT. Cold and wet…yet again…


  • Disc golf F2 at Farm Life this Sunday at 1300. 
  • ENC’s anniversary/convergence is the 20th of Feb (Poacher, Cardinal and Shocker set to attend)
  • Cornerstone Region Launch March 7th 
  • F3 Marco Anniversary March 13th
  • Clown Car to Chowanoke March 20th
  • Camden is kicking off and we would like a few pax to attend their first workout. 
  • F3 Bible study (Core 52) begins on Monday 02/08. Get your book and hit week one!!

Q’s O’ the Week

  • Rock The Bells Tuesday 02/02: Cardinal
  • Running/Walking Tall Wednesday 02/03: Blue and Cardinal
  • Ruckin’ Thursday 02/04: Blue
  • Herringbone Beatdown 02/06: Barney Mayberry